Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Daily Giggles

Summary of my day: Now I get to stress on being late to school due to a new sneaky morning routine designed to help the kids get into their bodies: walking for 20 minutes starting at 8:31. Also designed to shame any late parents into sitting on the bench with their kids for 20 minutes if arriving late. Motherfuckers. I hate school. Mari needs to order up a parent who specializes in this crap to be in our commune, cause I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna make it through 12 more years of this crap.
Work. Start two kinds of hot sauce, begin recording recipes where other people can see them too, heh, unload the dish racks, wash all random dirty dishes and sample thingies.
Back to school for Marisol's 6th birthday celebration. Her dad is a no show. He's only known about it and had mari asking him about it since June. Fucking douchecanoe. Vince and Hannah came though, and it was a beauty full celebration of her life, reminding me why she goes to this school.
I get to see the kid she has a crush on. He's hella cute. Blond, huge blue eyes,  looks like his mom who's a total hottie. I get it.

Work. Finish my two kinds of hot sauce, bloody mary mix, dish washing, pickle downsizing, cooler reorganization extravaganza. Order 5000 new hot sauce bottles. Have the dishwasher guy come fix the dishwasher.

Talk Mari into eating a very green, very active inchworm. She does, to huge applause and jumping up and down on my part. She starts to copy me in the car, so I start the quiet game. And she wins every round due to cracking me up with really awesomely bad faces. Goddamn I enjoy my kid.
More Mari wisdom that blows my mind today, as every day. She offers commentary on human relationships that seriously, just. So mature.
She's started to tell me, "you are such a bad girl" with a smirk and laughter in her voice when I do things that are socially frowned upon. Such as peeing in the sink when she hogs the only toilet, and then decides she needs to take a really long shit, and we both have to go, and are not somewhere where peeing outside is an option. Yeah. That happened. And I wonder where she got the bad girl thing from... I've tried so hard to shield her from those social mores.... Then she tells me she won't tell grandma because grandma would say "oh, that's GREAT" in a tone of voice that distinctly infers that it is not at all great, and she totally disapproves. But she might tell uncle Mikkel, because he is silly like I am and he would laugh about it. This kid. My heart explodes for her daily.
I made her wipe her own butt tonight. Offered her wet wipes as a solution to any post wiping issues. We get in bed and many minutes later she shows me this tiny wad of white. Eyes all big, "I found this, in my BUTT!! In my Butt I found this!! In my BUTT!!" Her vioice is dripping with suppressed laughter. I giggle. Tell her to throw it away, and wash her  hands. She does, and then comes back to bed and fishes around for more. Comes up empty, and promptly sticks her fingers under her nose for a big whiff. I giggle, and she goes, "what, I always do that!" And I say, "nothing, you are just SOOO my kid, that's all."

I missed her so much while I was gone. It was close to unbearable. I stayed up all night Saturday, and after watching the best Phutureprimitive show I have seen to date-and I have seen him every chance I get- I biked back to camp, I packed my shit in less than fifteen minutes (and then of course, had to wait for other people to pack their shit and work out their dramas for like, three more hours, and repack the car twice as the roster changed) and I fucking came home. Saturday was her birthday, and I just was not going to spend another day away from her. And when I got reception again, and was able to call my mom, and heard Mari's voice on the phone I just sobbed, and then my mom said she would bring Mari home to me and I couldn't stop sobbing. This kid. She is my Reason. My flame. My Why. My Love.