Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Days

  These days seem to pass by in a happy buzz of activity. Much like the bees taking advantage of the warm weather, and the abundance of food sources, this season at the farm is a flurry. I have shifted my focus from making and packaging dried goods, to creating products from the glut of fresh produce that threatens to overrun us this time of year. So far this week I have made 20 gallons of Sauerkraut with help from Wayne and Lee's family (who also helped Lee get caught up in the greenhouse) replaced a leaking faucet assembly, made fresh tomato juice, which I will blend with our spicy garlic pickle brine for a delectable bloody mary mix. Sweet Strawberry syrup, (Ambrosia!!) 25 gallons of spicy pickles, while also straining and rinsing the 20 gallons I made last week, and a new batch of Verde Hot sauce, which I may be able to bottle this week. I'm hatching plans to reach out to some new retail outlets for our dried goods, and also replacing the elements in the kitchen that aren't working for us, while making space for fresh vibrant energy to enter,  enthusiastic faces with dreams and visions that are more aligned with ours. I finally realized, that if I am going to continue to manage the kitchen, (which I am) and it is in such high demand (it is) that I will only accept those that I truly wish to work with. Mmmmhhhhm. How cool is that. Shout out to the ladies I have worked with for the past few years and the client archetypes. Applicable everywhere.
  I have been working to develop a relationship between Tierra Vegetables, and my favorite restaurant in Forestville, Backyard.  Last week, I finally made it happen, and I offered to deliver produce to them every week "on my way home" (it kinda sorta is!) Last week Mari fell asleep in the car on the way there, today she gets this brilliant idea that since we were already going to be there delivering produce, that we should just eat there while we were at it. Yeah girl, I was totally on board with that plan.

  I  developed instant rapport with the chef, Daniel Kedan, and his amazing staff, the moment I first walked in, many months ago. Their focus is on sustainable, farm to table fare, and they make their own... oh, pretty much everything-hotsauce, kimchee, pickles, preserves, and more- in season, delicious, next level restaurant fare. And the Staff, oh!! I go in there as much for the food as I do to just hang out and talk to the staff. Whether the front of house, or the cooks, the people who work here are knowledgeable, passionate, witty, and just plain brilliant. They are SO, my people. During a discussion tonight about their Heavenly Budino (salted caramel, creamy chocolate, with toasted, chocolate rice crisp balls) combined with their candy cap ice cream, (which I tried for the first time tonight, omg. tastes like the love child of maple syrup and fresh honey comb- but it's made from candy cap mushrooms) Daniel tells me that the sky opens up, I chime in the with angel chorus, and Lucas says that then Highlander steps out of a portal. Yep, all that, because this combo is so. damn. good. And so are they. Geek humor. Gets me every time. <3 If I wasn't maxed out on jobs right now I would have to work here.
  Then we proceeded to have a discussion about our perfect off matrix ecovillage retreat. Yep. Ours. They are completely on board, all of us dreaming about the same thing, and you know I need me some superstar brilliant farm to table chefs on that adventure. So that is happening.

Tribe. I Love it so much.

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