Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tiny Victories

  I came home yesterday after 24 hours of absence to find a weird smell, and the plumbing, all of it, backing up. The shower and tub won’t drain, the laundry is backing up into the kitchen sinks, and the bathroom, and the toilet is leaking from the base, soaking the carpet. Scott had been working on it “for hours.” Inconvenient as all of this may be, it gave me the trump card I had been waiting for: “ So, does this mean you will finally let me rip out the bathroom carpet?!” 
  Carpeting in bathrooms is gross. Clearly a design flaw by someone who is not thinking about the nature of bathrooms, and all the leaks, spills, liquids, and what have you that occur in bathrooms. The bathroom is connected to my room by a door, and the carpet in there is varying shades of green, blue, mold, pink, and grey, around the edges, and surrounding the toilet, on top of it’s natural beige shag color.  Also, it reeks of urine. I have been trying to convince Scott to remove it since I moved in here. He’s been resistant because he wants to put in nice tile, and doesn’t have the funds yet. So we’ve agreed to a temporary solution. I am going to find some wood laminate click in flooring to install, for now, and he can tile when he is ready to tile. Meantime, I can eliminate the mold/allergy factory next to my room. I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and the bathroom carpet is a full on frontal assault. Yes, it’s all very mundane, but it’s also a message from the universe, a tiny victory of manifestation. I get that, and I am thankful. 
  As a addendum, I recognize that this entire post has been a clever avoidance tactic, since my real subject is showing up and being vulnerable. HAH!! Well. We shall call this yesterday’s post, since I missed it, due to utter exhaustion, and I will go ahead and work on showing up in the next one. 

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