Monday, July 29, 2013

Soul Friend

  There was a beautiful, powerfully present woman at my dad's house today. I was a little squirmy when she first introduced herself to me, as she was just so... Present, Powerful, and also, clearly Reading me. I was still transitioning into being there, sitting on the floor eating a plateful of food with my fingers like the wild woman I am... it was interesting that meeting her made me squirm like that. Sometimes when someone new enters my energy space so powerfully it can be a little uncomfortable until I get a bead on their intentions. And there is still that little part of me- and this voice is getting smaller and smaller- that thinks, this beautiful woman is Reading you. What is she going to see? Will she like you? 
  After we ate, Christine pulls a chair into the center of the room, and grabs this big, beautiful harp. Breathtaking beauty. And she looks me in the eyes, and she says, "Her name is Anam Cara," *deep intake of breath for me, and my eyes fill with tears* "which means friend of the soul. What Charles does with his hands, I do with this." And she proceeds to say something about Rumi, and some other words, all of which marched straight into my heart and bypassed my brain altogether. She had me at Anam Cara.
  She starts to play the harp, and a spoken word, Rumi poem, followed by singing~ which I can only characterize as angelic, and again, all of it went straight into my heart, and pulled my soul out to dance with hers. The Universe through this amazing, bright, beautiful woman,  spoke directly to my soul, using her music as the key to get in... And I was still. If you know me, I have monkey mind to the Nth degree.  I have a hard time meditating, sleeping, quieting. This. This angel Stilled me. There was nothing. There was everything. There was Christine, me, Anam Cara, and the Universe. And QUIET IN MY HEAD. And just like that, I was In it. The place where I know my own divinity, where I am not just connected to Spirit, but where we are one and the same. Crystal clear, Clairity. (no, i spell it that way on purpose). And I am no longer afraid. I just Know.
  I thanked her afterward, and told her of my experience, and she says, this is my gift. And I got it. This woman, is following her calling. She is On Path. Authentic, allowing the Divine to move through her, a healer. And oh goddess, a healer through music.
  These experiences have been happening to me in more and more frequently, These love notes from the Universe. I had a similar epiphany experience on the 3rd of July, again delivered through a gorgeous, empowered angel woman, walking her path, and through music. I am hearing, I am listening, and I am so grateful.
  There were so many littlebig moments like this today, as there always are when I go to the gatherings of kindred at my dads house. I mentioned to my dad today that I feel like part of our soul contract is that  he is constantly opening the door for my Soul to reach the next floor. For my mind and body to catch up. To facilitate my being able to find, and stay on Path. Every time another few turns on the dial. He groks what I mean immediately and is finishing sentences and filling in blanks, and he says, "well of course darling, it's because I see you in your Highest Self."
 If only we could all do this for each other. To see each other, and hold each other in our Highest Selves. I'm going to start filling my daily life with more of this. I invite you to join me, my hand outstretched, and my heart full of love.

Anam Cara.

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